The West Highland Way ULTRA

I am a brassiere!

Yes, really, I am. Well, I’m going to be one cup on the bra that will support Jonathan Mackintosh during his quest for the Triple Crown in 2016, specifically on the Long Route.

goblet The Hoka Highland Fling or “The Fling” as it’s commonly called, which is the first part of the West Highland Way long distance walking route. The latter part is covered during the DOTH, The Devil O’ the Highlands Footrace or “The Devil”…..then there is the actual 95 mile race itself. A crystal goblet and years of running accolade with ultimate ultra-running boasting rights awaits anyone who completes The West Highland Way Race.

The Triple Crown is some madness thought up by dastardly individuals who want runners to Be Killed to Death by ambition, pride and just f*cking hundreds of hours training and two traverses of the long distance footpath that is known as The West Highland Way. Aye, that’s 95 miles each way.


Personally, I’d prefer to go from Inverness to Durness, mingling the Great Glen Way with the Cape Wrath Trail (and do it in sections, with a kip at a few bothys inbetween & plenty time for taking pictures) but that’s just me. I’m sure someone will think of joining these routes up if they haven’t already.

The other cup in the support system is this fellow here =>


Rule of the hills: you always trust a man wearing *That much Salomon!


Now before you ask, yes, he is a Virtual Stranger but let me explain this: quite a few of my (now) very good run buddies were met literally “on the run”. In fact my top buddy met me on a Blind Date in Duthie Park one snowy afternoon, after I read on a running forum thread that her normal training partner was injured and so I offered to step in. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time as runners are just generally decent folk or at least as mad as me, with that one thing (running) in common. Since then, myself and said friend have run several races together, including Pisa Marathon and the Glen Ogle Ultra and also attended (gasp!) non-running things like charity balls, Michelin Star dinners and super amounts of champagne fuelled shopping extravaganzas. Oh dear. OK, so maybe I was lucky to find someone who really liked a lot of the things I loved at the time. FB_IMG_1454555222914

But here’s the thing: you have to assume that A given person (for instance Jonathan), might have friends who have things in common too. And not just being friends with him and running. I therefore had no qualms when JJM said I’d be buddying up with this guy for the equivalent of a couple of days of hanging out in his car, on remote trails, in the dark blah-blah-blah.

However, recent race planning has dissolved into chat about the possible donning of Speedos by the support team; is there still time to “pull out” [said the bishop to the house-keeper]?

 literally ‘on the run’

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