Running is all about races right? No. Not really.

And yet, I do Do them. At first it was every other weekend. Oh, the thrill of the improved PB or WAVA%. More recently it’s been about 5-8 events a year, usually at least 2 distance events and by distance I mean 26.2 and above.

I used to keep a track of everything on the Fetch Everyone Forum but after I bust the Achilles, it just didn’t seem to make sense to try and compare my performance before with what came afterwards. I’d achieved the couch-runners Holy Grails (and I’m not sure if these are still the go-to targets of new runners) of under 25/60 and 120 minutes for 5km/10km and half marathon. I still haven’t achieved a sub 4 marathon and I’m not sure if I ever will. I’m certain I am capable but I don’t have any motivation to do the training at present. So it might just stay out there in the wilderness for a while. Possibly forever.

Races are more about seeing nice stuff or catching up with good people, with the support of water stations, bag-pipes, traffic free routes……and that’s it really. Or it’s about trying to bust myself in an open forum, y’know, for ultimate and full public humiliation!

2016 is drawing to a close and for the first time in a while, I went a bit faster during an event. Prizes and PBs were had and it felt good but not soooo good that I’m about to start chasing that spew-at-the-end effort. Lazy girl still lives and breaths (and eats pizza, full fat coke and moans about having cellulite) [rolls own eyes].

But I’m making some plans for 2017. And why not? There’s still plenty to see and people to banter. Pass the Altras and let the injury avoidance continue……