Charity MÓD relay

Okay. Confessions of an over-eager plodder (Part 276) and if you laugh at me for this, I will batter you the next time I see you.

A running club e-mail came out which I Dutifully read from cover to cover (scanned) and after hard deliberation & careful consideration (immediately and without thinking) said yes to taking part in something referred to as “the mod relay”.

Relay – a race with a baton; don’t drop it or your team mates will hate you forever. No worries.

Mod. That’s a scooter boy who dresses like Paul Weller avec target motif parka or if you’re going old-skool, a sharp dressed gent preening to Booker T & the MGs, right?

Hmmm or could it be something to do with the Ministry Of Defense? Either way I was in! Images of slapping a baton into the outstretched palm of a fellow running club member, to a soundtrack of The Who, possibly involving buff M.O.D. army guys all sounded like quite decent fun. So after a few e-mails I’d committed my time and I started telling people about this Ministry of Defense run I was doing. Between Oban and Ullapool…..pause the movie a second here, what the Hell!?! I’d seen a few pictures of previous years events on the club website and it looked like a jaunt around the islands…….what was this Mainland location all about?

What the Mod is actually about

Well They say to Never Assume and I’m delighted now that I have some facts and it’ll definitely be great craik to do about 16 x 1 mile reps with an unknown rest interval between each, carrying a message from the town of the previous Mod to the location of this years festival.

The Royal National Mod


But how could I have got this so wrong? My head didn’t even associate mod with gaelic festivals and that’s bad, especially as I am a Modladyte of by-gone years, having been a Ceilidh-tastic fiddler in my youth (amongst other things) and attending the inaugural Feis Rois in Ullapool in 1986, with my boy-short hair and screen print tee-shirt. [OK, feel free to spot how much I haven’t changed since primary School :-D] but I remember it was a great privilege to be selected to represent the school & The Shire, even if it was only to squeak out some badly bowed Piobaireachds. It will also be quite an honour to run this message across Scotland and back, arriving in Stornoway for the start of the 2016 Royal Mod.

And we’re raising awareness for this cultural event by running, because that’s what runners do. Hashtag If in doubt, run. Quite a long way too and of course, we want your hard earned money to do what we love and that comes in the form of charity donations for Macmillan cancer support and also the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI)! Here’s the justgiving page. Don’t forget to tick the giftaid box 🙂




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