Impending Icy Doom

When I flitted from Aberdoom, I mean Aberdeen, to Brunei in March 2013 I had a temperature gradient to scale. I left behind a wintry skite of ice (see above featured picture from my last drive into work) and arrived on Borneo at the end of monsoon season when it was hotter than Ghandi’s sandal. And now? I’m about to do the opposite traverse when I go back this weekend, to the prolonged intermittent snows of March, from the epitome of el scorcchio here in Brunei. However do the lambs cope with this chopping and changing of the weather? Is it spring yet? – yup the crocuses are out and Next is having a sale – no, wait, it’s frikkin snawin. Again. And Mum has careered the i10 on black-ice into the tree stump at the bottom of he drive. [who PUTS those tree-stumps there so inconveniently?]

And, lambs aside, however will my wardrobe and running gear selection cope with the changeable climes? Ah, the vapid echo of first world issues >>>>>>

It’s all about the jacket(s) and shoe(s) darlings!

Packing usually starts with about twelve running outfits, even though I’ll probably end up running only 3-4 times a week and will have access to washing machines throughout the three week stay. So that’s been whittled down to two long breeks, two short breeks, long socks and shorts. OK. That’s probably not whittled enough but I don’t want to have to go on the rampage in TK Maxx, wantonly buying Everything in my size because it is cheap! I will convince myself at the time that brand names don’t matter and then sulk when I have to wait for my INOV-8 capris to dry.

“All this has happened before and all this will happen again” – The sacred Scrolls of the Pythian Prophecy, Battlestar Galactica

The shoes are much more of a nightmare! I’ve got the entire all-encompassing terrain display from Run-4-it laid out and right now, I imagine I’ll be galloping off up the hills, through mud and on wonderful bouncy leafy trails, breathing in those wondrous shards of icy strangletude….in reality, I’ll probably get a few laps round the block of whichever housing estate I’m staying on and if I’m lucky, a bimble along the Dalmeny railway line plus the Garioch race, so I’ll have to settle for road shoes only. History dictates that several of my off-road shoes have been purchased after the same logic has been applied, well hey-ho. I should just email ahead and get Craigdon mountain sports to look out a pair of Salomon XA in size 8 😉

Final gallery to be inserted






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